7 Tips for Commercial Property Landscaping

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A commercial property is more than the building. When desiring to draw attention to the property, the landscaping must make others feel welcome and have the impression they’re heading into a business that’s run efficiently. Landscaping helps in both areas and unkempt properties do just the opposite. In this article we’ll discuss seven tips for commercial property landscaping, to help you create the perfect commercial property.

It Starts With a Plan

The best way to improve landscaping is to begin with a plan. Sometimes we think a project looks easy, so we get some supplies and try to make it happen without a clear idea of how much work goes into it. This often leads to frustration. Walk around the property and make note of the areas that aren’t attractive.

Brainstorm ideas of what you’d like to see. Consider the atmosphere you’re creating. Should the landscaping be full and vibrant? Or is it better suited for a subtle and neat landscape? Measure areas and do some calculations to understand how many plants, mulch, or rocks you need.

Understand Watering Guidelines

Commercial properties are sometimes quite large. Depending on where yours is, there may be city or state guidelines on how much you can water each day. There may also be guidelines for flood zones, so clarify whether or not you’re in one before proceeding.

Keep the Grass Neat and Tidy

Keeping the grass neat may seem obvious, but it often gets overlooked. A well-kept lawn lays the foundation for a beautiful landscape. Hire a service that comes regularly to mow the grass of your commercial property.

Fix Drainage Issues

Don’t ignore the areas on the commercial property that aren’t draining excess water properly. There are plenty of drainage options for commercial properties to help control heavy run-off and excess water. Catch any drainage problems sooner than later to avoid damaging the landscape or building.

Make Paths Accessible

What good is beautiful landscaping if the property owners can’t enjoy it? Include sidewalks and walkways in your landscaping plan. After they’re put into the yard, keep them clean and well-maintained so the property can get fully enjoyed. Attractive pathways can be made easily using bricks or stones.

Keep It Simple

Keeping it simple is the most important tip out of the seven tips for commercial property landscaping. Since it’s a commercial property, design the landscape in a simple-yet-effective way so it’ll draw attention towards the business or commercial building. Keep the landscaping beautiful and simple, so it’s easy to maintain.

Coordinate Styles

The landscaping for a commercial property should coordinate well with the building on the property. A modern, contemporary building needs landscaping that also looks modern. It wouldn’t be well-suited for cottage-style flowers such as roses and peony bushes. An old historic building, on the other hand, would look great with that style.

Take your time with the initial landscaping plan and enjoy brainstorming ideas. If you’re working with a landscaping professional, you’ll quickly come up with the perfect landscaping design for your commercial property.

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