May 19, 2022

5 Basic Cooking Techniques You Should Know

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Are you bored of cooking the same meal the same way every single day? Or maybe you’ve recently gotten into cooking and want to improve your skills. One of the best ways to progress as a cook is to add some new cooking techniques to your arsenal. To help you on your journey to becoming an amazing chef, we’ve gathered together five basic cooking techniques you should know.


In a lot of ways, roasting is quite similar to baking. But roasting differs in that it uses a higher temperature to cook your food. You can roast just about anything. Chicken, vegetables, and fish are just a few examples. Just season your ingredients and stick them in the oven on an uncovered pan or baking sheet, and you’ll soon have a delicious, crispy meal.


Sautéing sounds fancy, but it’s really not all that complicated. When using this technique, you cook small pieces of food, such as vegetables, meat, or noodles, in oil using a frying pan. You can use this technique to quickly cook food all the way through while caramelizing or slightly browning the surface.


When you think of grilling, burgers, hot dogs, and bratwursts likely come to mind. But grilling is so much more. Since it uses little to no extra oil or grease, grilling is a healthy and delicious way to prepare many types of food, including chicken, steak, and vegetables.


Searing is a technique for browning meat or fish in a pan over very high heat. This method requires some oil and patience, as you’ll get the best results by allowing the meat to fully brown before flipping it over.


Braising is a technique that people normally use on meat. It results in extra tenderness. Before braising your meat, you’ll likely need to sear it. After you’ve browned it, stick the meat into a slow cooker or pot with some liquid and leave it to cook for a long time. You can braise the meat for up to a few hours, depending on its initial toughness and the recipe.

When trying out any of these five basic cooking techniques, you should know to stay safe in the kitchen. Whenever you cook on your stovetop, turn on your range hood fan to extract the cooking fumes from your kitchen. Also, depending on your cooking style, you may need a different type of range hood. Check that yours is suitable for the cooking you’ll be doing. Now, go and have some fun trying out these new techniques. Before you know it, you’ll be cooking up delicious meals to enjoy and share with family and friends!

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