June 14, 2024
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3 Reasons To Use a Concealed Carry Tactical Backpack

3 Reasons To Use a Concealed Carry Tactical Backpack

It’s no secret that some people frown upon concealed carry off the body. However, there are misconceptions regarding concealed carry tactical backpacks. And there are many benefits to a concealed carry backpack that you should consider. Here are three reasons to use a concealed carry tactical backpack.

Additional Safety

An vital benefit to a concealed carry tactical backpack is the additional safety it can offer you. Some of these backpacks incorporate a carry bag or pouch for body armor. Purposeful design in these backpacks means they can fit a plate-sized armor panel. It’s up to your discretion if you’d like to use a rifle plate or soft plate. Keep in mind that a rifle plate is quite heavy. However, it may protect you from a powerful rifle. On the other hand, a soft panel is light, flexible, and can protect you from handgun threats. The opportunity to put on additional safety gear is an important reason to consider off-body concealed carry.


The beauty of a tactical backpack is its versatility. Some bag options include backpacks, sling packs, or messenger bags. A backpack is ideal for carrying heavy belongings and firearms. You can carry bug-out bags and get-home bags farther with more comfort, despite putting a heavier load in them. This is because two straps on the pack help spread the weight evenly on the back. If you want a lighter pack, consider a sling bag, messenger-style bag, or purse for concealed carry. Although these carriers can’t contain a heavy load, they can still hold a lighter concealed carry throughout the day with you.


When you conceal carry within a holster, you have to have a lockbox within your vehicle to place the firearm in. Not every place will allow you to have your firearms on your person. This is why it’s crucial to have a safe way to keep it in your vehicle. With a backpack, you may not need to invest in a lockbox. A firearm will remain safely secured and hidden from sight within the bag itself. Simply place the bag in the car or truck and take what you need to continue your adventures, such as your wallet and keys. In addition to this, a backpack allows you to carry more ammunition and a larger overall arsenal with you. Having several backpacks lets you take more than one type of gun with you. Outside of concealed carry purposes, this can be useful to bring your guns to the gun range safely.

Don’t let misconceptions about off-body concealed carry prevent you from investing in a concealed carry backpack. Keep these three reasons to use a concealed carry tactical backpack in mind and enjoy the additional safety, versatility, and functionality they bring.

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