What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property

What To Do When a Tree Falls on Your Property

Having a gorgeous, lush yard full of flowers, shrubs, and trees is a surefire way to increase property value, improve air quality, and even boost your mental health. But despite all the good they provide, trees can prove dangerous under certain circumstances. An old, rotting, infested, or unstable tree could plummet to the ground after even a mild storm. Many people don’t know what to do if an entire tree falls on their lawn—or worse, directly on top of their home. Here’s what to do when a tree falls on your property to minimize injuries, damage, and cost.

Get to Safety

If a tree falls onto your home, you must immediately evacuate the premises. A fell tree can cause extreme structural damage and send debris flying in all directions. It can also create cracks in the exterior of your home, which can lead to water infiltrating the area and sparking electrical fires. To keep you and your family safe during an emergency, you should prepare an evacuation kit and plan ahead. The next thing to do when a tree falls is contact emergency services and inform them of what happened. They’ll send out trained individuals who will make sure your family is safe.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Next, you’ll need to have the tree removed and deal with the damage it caused. Thankfully, most homeowner’s insurance plans will cover damage resulting from Mother Nature’s mischief. This means you can document the damage, file a claim, and get the removal and repairs covered without having to worry about your insurance premiums increasing. But keep in mind that companies usually limit coverage for tree-related damages to five percent of the amount of insurance on the structure that got damaged. In some instances, tree damage doesn’t get covered without an addendum, like when a tree breaks and falls due to a flood, earthquake, or other natural disaster.

Find a Repair Company

You’ll need to hire a trustworthy tree removal company along with a company that can handle the home repairs. Most fallen trees will result in roof damage, which makes finding a local roofing contractor one of the first tasks you should undertake. Depending on the extent and severity of the damage, you may also need to look into local contractors who can repair the windows, siding, and even the interior of your home.


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