Texas fugitive arrested in Alamo


A fugitive out of Texas was arrested in Alamo on Friday, January 8.

Alamo Police Department received information from the Department of Revenue State of Tennessee Special Investigation Division at approximately 2 p.m. that indicated a fugitive out of Texas may be located at a residence in Alamo.

Under the instruction of Chief Jeff Sills, Officer Derek Way patrolled the area throughout the evening.

At approximately 11 p.m., Way observed lights on in apartment 8 at 98 South Burns Street where the fugitive was suspected to be staying. Way made contact with the residents and discovered Mario Hobson within the residence. Hobson was detained and held at the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department.

With Alamo Police Department and the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department on scene, the special investigation unit was notified and an electronic check of Hobson’s Tennessee drivers license confirmed the suspect was listed in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) with full extradition warrants out of Texas.

He was taken into custody and arrested on the charge of fugitive from justice.


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