The town of Alamo mayor and board of aldermen met Monday, November 30 in a special called meeting to discuss approval of the application for certificate of compliance for liquor stores in Alamo and the procedures to approve certificates, the ordinance on the first reading of municipal code title 8 chapter 1 of retail liquor package store and the amendment to zoning ordinance to list retail liquor package stores as a permitted use on the first reading. The second reading of these items will occur on Monday, December 7 during the regular monthly meeting of the mayor and board of aldermen.

Discussion included the decision to only issue two certificates of compliance for a liquor store in the town of Alamo. The process will include the mayor and board of aldermen sorting through and determining which applicants are qualified from their application and in person meeting.

The applicants will further be evaluated until two are chosen as the most capable to open a liquor store in the town.

Applicants will have to meet with the mayor and board of aldermen in person and will have to be sworn in during this meeting. If there are an abundance of applicants that require the meeting to occur in a larger facility, the mayor and board of aldermen will determine an alternate location to City Hall to accommodate current COVID-19 safety practices. Although the current meetings are completed in person and virtually, on issues such as this, Alamo code requires in person meetings where individuals may be identified appropriately and sworn in before discussion with the board and mayor commences.

There is no limit on how many applications will be accepted; however, only two will be chosen.

The state will then look at the information to finalize the applicant.

Items that may be determining factors in the final decision process include how long it may take an applicant to obtain a liquor license, their financial ability to open their store and the time frame in which the applicant foresees their store opening to be.

Applications will be available at Alamo City Hall on December 4. All applications must be returned and completed no later than January 13. Mayor John Avery Emison reinforced that the burden of proof of the application process is on the applicant.


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