Pratt in top five nominated for Mrs. Union University


Elli Pratt, Crockett County High School graduate, was nominated in the Mr. and Mrs. Union University race.

Nominations are chosen first by being nominated by one of the 50+ groups on campus. From there, the nominations are brought down to 20 men and women. A panel of faculty interviewed those 20 and the top five were chosen from that.

Pratt was in the top five women nominated.

From there, the student body voted for who would be Mr. & Ms. Union.

Pratt is a senior who will be graduating in December with a business marketing degree and a minor in university studies.

In addition to being on the women’s basketball team, she Union University student athletic advisory council president. She has been on the president’s list for outstanding achievement all seven semesters of her college career.

“I’m not one to have a strong desire for being acknowledged or praised, but sometimes it is nice to be shown appreciation in such a grand way,” said Pratt. “It was an honor to get to celebrate my years at Union and the things I have been able to do in my time here by being nominated for Ms. Union. Union is a special place and I hold it so dear to my heart, as well as the many people I’ve met. I am grateful forever.”


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