Nursing home residents seek pen pals


Bells Nursing and Rehabilitation Center (BNRC) residents are looking for pen pals.

BNRC posted on Facebook this week that they were facilitating finding pen pals for residents within the facility. Anyone wishing to become pen pals with local residents may choose a resident with like interests and mail letters to 213 Herndon Drive, Bells, TN 38006 addressed to the resident of choice.

Georgette would enjoy a pen pal who loves sewing and church.

Nellie enjoys cooking and hopes to write with someone who shares her love for the kitchen.

Blondell is looking for someone who has knowledge in canning and gardening to share conversation with.

Myrtle Rose enjoys gardening and reading and hopes there are pen pals who do as well.

Clemmie loves animals and playing rook, a pen pal that shares these joys would be perfect.

Nancy is looking for a pen pal who loves sewing and cooking.

Judith is ready for the spooky season and looking for a pen pal that enjoys scary movies and reading.

Betty also loves sewing and reading and hopes to find a fellow enthusiast to write to.

Shirley is looking for a pen pal who loves to travel and read.

Martha loves riding horses and barrel racing and hopes some would love to talk with her about the exciting sport.

Mattie is looking for friends to talk with about babysitting and church.

Dorothy loves creativity and hopes there is a pen pal who enjoys crocheting and puzzles like she does.

Deborah is a rock star who loves music and more specifically rock-n-roll.

Alma loves singing and praying and hopes she finds a pen pal who will sing praises and share with her.

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