Sills named new Alamo Police Chief


On Friday, March 27, Jeff Sills was named the new Alamo Chief of Police.

Sills lengthy career and experiences in law enforcement were cited in the Mayor and Board of Aldermen meeting as recommendations in considering him for the position.

Sills began his law enforcement career in Gadsden in 1986 and from there, he worked for the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department (CCSD) beginning in 1994.

“I had the honor to work for Sheriff Neal Klyce, which was one of my greatest mentors and teachers,” said Sills. “Then I had the honor working for Sheriff Troy Klyce until 2011.”

Upon departure from CCSD, he joined Crockett County Juvenile Court Services as a probation officer in 2012, where he worked with Judge Paul Conley.

This July would have been his eighth year with juvenile services.

“I grew as a person dealing with the youth of our county and hope that I made a difference in a young person’s life,” said Sills. “Gadsden has always been my home away from home and I’ve had the privilege of serving the citizens in the community in the Gadsden area for all these years and will truly miss that little town. I’m looking forward to serving the Alamo community as their chief of police and continuing work with other law enforcement officers in this county. It’s always been a team effort for us to work together no matter what department or what uniform you wear, it cannot be done without the continuous support of officers that serve the public. I hope I live up to the past chiefs that have served for Alamo Police Department such as Gary Skipper, Jim Knox and Brad York.”


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