Crockett County Middle School students celebrate a summer of reading


Crockett County Middle School students made sure they found time during their busy summer to enjoy some great books.

This past summer, the middle school held its twelfth voluntary summer reading program to encourage students to continue enjoying outstanding literature and to maintain their reading skills during their two-month school vacation. For those who chose to participate, the program required the students to read a minimum of two books of their own choosing and one school picks. The school picks included Refugee by Alan Gratz, Miles Morales, Spider Man by Jason Reynolds and Spirit Huntersby Ellen Oh.

On Tuesday morning, September 10, twenty-six summer reading participants and four teachers traveled to Jackson to visit and browse at Books-A-Million. Afterward, the students were treated to lunch at Snappy Tomato Pizza and enjoyed some time at North Park. Upon their return to school, the students enjoyed creative thinking games and activities that involved the summer reading books in the library.

Participating in the event were summer readers Jonathon Ballentine, Gregory Berry, Ashley Boone, Zoey Burleson, Karlee Castellaw, Braylon Cook, Kell Cooke, Lexus Copeland, Brody Cotner, Jiorgia Elmore, Jack Fancey, Maria Galvan, George Goldsby, Jaxson Goode, Macy Hazlewood, Baker Jones, Lily Maddox, John Mayfield, Madison McGuire, Nora Cate Nichols, Kyla Phillips, Jackson Rawson, Casey Thornton, Bailey Ann Whitby, Jonathan Wilkins, and Addie Beth Work.

Teachers participating in the program were Amber Copeland, Amanda Roy, Ashley Scruggs and Assistant Principal and Bus Driver Floyd Rowe.

“This summer reading program could not have been possible without the hard work and assistance from the staff at the Crockett Memorial Library,” said Scruggs.


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